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Electric trucks provide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which is especially beneficial in an urban setting. In fact, electric trucks have been shown to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third or more over diesel trucks.

Other Benefits Electric Trucks Offer

Less Noise.

While this seems obvious, why is this a benefit? Lack of noise means they can operate at times when a diesel truck cannot. This can provide a significant benefit to businesses operating in congested urban areas with evening noise restrictions.

Regenerative Braking

An electric truck has a highly efficient drivetrain and offers energy recovery during braking. When measured together, the regenerative braking and super-efficient drivetrain can lead to about five times higher efficiency for an electric truck.

Alternate Energy Sources

If you drive a diesel truck, there is only one way to fuel your truck. Diesel. If you invest in an electric truck, you have more options. You can charge your electric battery with standard plugin, paid-for electricity OR you can invest in solar for your company which would significantly drive down the cost of operations for your fleet.

Why SEA Electric and C&M Motors

SEA Electric was founded in Australia in 2012 and has been providing outstanding automotive technology for many years. In 2017, SEA Electric launched its first all-electric power-system that can be added to the truck chassis of your choice. These electric engines are the world’s most cost-effective solution for the commercial market. Zero emissions, super quiet, and a powerful, smooth ride.

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