What You Need to Know About Electric Box Truck Batteries

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What You Need to Know About Electric Box Truck Batteries

With the rising popularity of electric box trucks for many industries, lots of people considering the switch may wonder how long the battery lasts. While it depends on the manufacturer and age, typically, new batteries match or even outlast the lifespan of the drivetrain parts in traditional gas-operated trucks.

This article goes over the basics of electric box truck batteries, including their lifespan and tips on how to extend them.

About Electric Box Truck Batteries

Electric box trucks use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, known for their higher energy density compared to lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries. This density results in more power per unit size, making them optimal for electric trucks. As electric box trucks solely rely on batteries, they are simpler and a more efficient choice. With a 97% decrease in lithium-ion battery costs over 30 years, experts anticipate these trucks becoming a more affordable option.

 Electric Truck Battery Lifespan

The lifespan of your electric box truck battery depends on several factors. The good news about electric batteries in California is that the government requires electric box truck makers to guarantee their batteries for 8 years or 100,000 miles, and the state adds 2 more years and 50,000 more miles to that warranty.

As electric truck batteries get cheaper to produce, they also get bigger and more powerful, which means they can travel farther on a single charge. Moreover, the advanced technology slows down the wear and tear of the batteries, so they can keep most of their original capacity for longer. Even if the batteries lose some of their capacity over time, they will still have a longer range than older batteries.

Electric Box Truck Battery Degradation

Electric truck batteries degrade over time due to factors like temperature, cycling, and age. Temperature, both during storage and operation, significantly influences battery longevity, with warmer climates often shortening lifespan. Additionally, charge cycles, where the battery is discharged and recharged, gradually reduce its maximum capacity. Unlike phone or laptop batteries, truck batteries employ Battery Management Systems (BMS) to regulate charging and discharging, mitigating degradation. This means that temperature and calendar degradation are the primary concerns for electric box truck battery longevity.

Tips for Extending Electric Box Truck Battery Life

 EV batteries are built to last, but certain steps can be taken to extend their battery life even more.

Keep Your Electric Box Truck Cool

As with most batteries, truck batteries last longer when they are kept cool with liquid cooling systems. To preserve the battery life of your truck, avoid extreme heat and cold when using and storing your EV.

Adhere to Manufacturer Recommendations

The first step to extend your electric box truck battery life is to follow the instructions from the truck manufacturer and update your software regularly. Different trucks have different types of batteries and cooling systems, meaning they hold unique charging and operating instructions.

Ask for More Information on Electric Box Trucks

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