What Commercial Fleet Managers Should Know About the California Clean Air Act

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What Commercial Fleet Managers Should Know About the California Clean Air Act

The state of California has passed sweeping climate legislation that will have major impacts on commercial trucking operations. The California Clean Air Act aims to fight climate change by transitioning medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles away from diesel to zero-emission electric vehicles. Fleet managers need to understand these new regulations and how they will affect their business.

The California Clean Air Act

The California Air Resources Board has implemented the Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation which requires manufacturers to transition from diesel trucks and vans to electric zero-emission vehicles. The goals are for zero-emission truck/van sales to be 40-75% of all sales by 2035, depending on the truck class. There are also reporting requirements for large fleet owners.

How This Affects Business Owners

If you own a fleet with 50 or more trucks that operate in California, you will need to report specified information to the Air Resources Board on your existing fleet operations. This includes data on shuttle services, freight/cargo transport, and more. The state will use this data to inform the zero-emission transition.

What Fleet Managers Should Know

Fleet managers will need to begin transitioning their diesel trucks to battery-electric or hydrogen-fuel-cell electric trucks. Planning ahead is crucial even though the mandates phase in over time. Managers should calculate the total cost of ownership, analyze charging infrastructure needs, and stay on top of available incentive funding to help finance this transition.

Charging Infrastructure Challenges

Building out charging infrastructure to support medium-duty and heavy-duty electric truck fleets presents challenges. Careful planning and grid upgrades will be needed to support fast charging for heavy commercial vehicles. Fleet managers will need to work with utilities and regulators to ensure sufficient charging capacity as electrification mandates ramp up, and make sure that the routes you manage will be able to handle your electric vehicles.

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To learn more about purchasing or leasing zero-emission electric trucks to meet regulatory mandates as well as realize fuel and maintenance savings, contact C&M Motors. C&M Motors specializes in battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell trucks tailored to commercial fleet needs from Hino, SEA, and REE. Get in touch today to discuss transitioning your diesel fleet.

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