acAfter a long cold and wet winter, spring is approaching. You should start thinking about the service for your commercial trucks that will have you prepared for the warmer weather ahead.

Your vehicles AC system probably has not been turned on in a while and there is nothing fun about finding out there is a problem on the first warm day. Having your air conditioning system checked out before summer makes sense.  C&M Motors is equipped to handle all your commercial truck service needs. In addition to your truck air conditioning, the cooling system requirements on your truck become greater in warmer weather. Let the qualified technicians at C&M Motors complete a thorough inspection of both systems to ensure your truck keeps running smooth and the driver is comfortable all spring and on into summer.

As the coming seasonal temperatures heat up, so does your vehicle.  It is critical to the operation of your commercial truck to keep the cooling system serviced.  C&M Motors provides full cooling system services for your Hino, UD, or any commercial vehicle.  Our comprehensive cooling service replaces those parts that are vital to your vehicles operations such as: Coolant, Thermostat, radiator cap – and we inspect- radiator, belts, hoses.  This will insure that your Hino, UD, or commercial vehicle stays operational on the road this spring!

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