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Fleet Updates – Free VIP Money Still Available

If you have an older fleet with 10 or fewer vehicles, you may be eligible for free assistance to upgrade those older model trucks. The on-road Voucher Incentive Program provides an excellent opportunity to replace or retrofit older, high-polluting fleet vehicles with new or retrofit trucks that will help considerably with emission reductions. Free funding is available for VIP projects that can be used to reduce some of the costs associated with replacing or retrofitting a vUpgrade your San Diego based truck fleet with VIP Voucher discountsehicle.

Bring your Fleet Up-to-date While Funding Lasts

Air Pollution Control District (APCD) County of San Diego, is currently helping local fleet owners reduce pollution and improve their trucking fleet. As of the end of September, there was over $1 million dollars in funding money available to San Diego county fleet owners. Truck replacement voucher amounts range from $5,000 to $45,000. The exact amount is dependent upon factors such as the number of miles traveled per year, the weight class of the target vehicle, the emission standard of the replacement vehicle, and whether the replacement vehicle is new or used.

The goal of VIP is to provide funding opportunities for fleets with 10 or fewer vehicles to quickly replace or retrofit their older heavy-duty diesel vehicles. Fleet owners that operate vehicles with 2006 or older diesel engines may be eligible for VIP program funding towards the purchase of a replacement vehicles that have a 2007 or newer engine. Limited retrofit funding opportunities may also be available for light-duty trucks.

Now is the time to save money, both with the VIP funding and with an efficient Medium Duty Hino truck line. This superior truck line will transform your business. Hino Trucks is recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovators in engine design. Hino engines deliver dependable, fuel efficient power combining high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection, Variable Geometry Turbocharger design and cooled EGR with Selective Catalytic Reduction for emission control. Take a look at the new Hino 238, 258, 268, and 338 models. These trucks will serve your well and save you money for many years.

C&M Motors Inc. is a Participating VIP Program Dealership

Take Advantage of this amazing program with an Authorized Dealership before funds run out. VIP projects must be completed by December 31, 2016. Applications are submitted through approved District-approved VIP truck dealerships or retrofit installers.

For more information, visit the APCD website or your local C&M Motors location.

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