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Maximizing tread life can save your company money. The larger your fleet, the more annual savings this can amount to. The road is abrasive by design for traction, but excessive friction leads to excessive wear. Here are some tips from your local Hino Truck Repair & Maintenance Center in San Diego, C&M Motors Inc.

Let’s start with the contact, where the rubber meets the road. An uneven contact will cause tread to wear faster. Alignment and pressure management are key to keeping that contact well seated on the treads and evenly balanced across the tire. It is also safer for the driver and his load to have your tires properly inflated and running straight and true.

Proper mounting and installation will prevent many types of premature wear. Using a run-out gauge can show the installer if the wheel installation is running true, detecting any radial or lateral run-out. Another common installation problem is mismatched dual tires. Even the smallest difference in inflation pressure or tire height and diameter can cause excessive or scalloped wear and lead to problems down the road. Premature or irregular wear can cause ride vibration conditions, and can usually traced back to poor mounting and installation.

Other tire problems can be traced to mechanical conditions. For the best tire performance, vehicles should be properly maintained, including alignment. Proper tire analysis identifies opportunities to improve a fleet’s tire program and achieve maximum life out of its tires.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your fleet’s tire maintenance program, call your local San Diego Hino Truck Service & Maintenance Center. You can contact us online or call C&M Motors today (800) 736-3443 for more information on our trucks, our service center, and our excellent maintenance program!


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