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The New 2021 Hino Trucks

Hino Trucks introduced a new series of trucks for 2021. The new offerings were showcased at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) in Atlanta. Visitors to the show were able to see the new offerings which included updated designs, added connectivity, and additional safety features.

The new 2021 Hino trucks include the M Series which are Class 4 and Class 5 trucks. In addition, the new Hino L Series was presented which are Class 6 and 7 conventional trucks. These new offerings will replace Hino’s current Class 4-7 models. The XL Series rounds off the offering with Class 7 and 8 trucks.

New Design

The new 2021 Hino trucks will offer a larger cab configuration, greater flexibility and durability, and improved connectivity.

The M Series trucks are upgraded with a new grille design, optional LED headlights, and HD 6-speed Aisin automatic transmission with gear hold feature. They also sport the first fully integrated lane departure warning system, steering wheel controls, and a new gauge cluster in a 4.2 inch LCD multi-informational display.

The new Conventional line, the L Series, comes with upgrades to the front fascia, offering a new bold design, plus new optional LED headlights. The cab interior has been given an automotive grade finish designed, clearly designed for commercial use and improved functionality. Steering wheel controls, a 7 inch LCD multi-information display, more storage and leg room, really add to the driver tools and comfort.

Safety Features

Hino trucks have always been built with safety in mind, but now there are even more new safety features available. Electronic stability control, a collision mitigation system, lane departure warning, active cruise control and driver’s seatbelt sensor are among the long list of Hino safety features.

Extended and crew cab options will enable Hino trucks to better serve customers’ operational needs, as well as open new markets for its trucks. The 30 inch extended cab will have seating for five and the 44 inch crew cab will have full-size doors and seat six passengers. Hino has even equipped it with zoned A/C and heat for full comfort.

As with many vehicles, chip and parts shortages have affected production, roll-out, and delivery this year. Hino announced the opening of a nearly 1 million-sq.-ft. truck manufacturing plant in Mineral Springs, WV, to help boost its production capabilities and drive growth.

New Hino L Series trucks are expected by end of year. Contact C&M Motors for pre-sale options on these great new trucks. Don’t miss out; supplies will be limited!

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