High Temp Demands on Cooling Systems

Higher summer temps put a larger strain on your trucks cooling system as well as the driver’s comfort. C&M Motors is equipped to ensure your truck stays cool and the A.C. system is in prime working order.

Coolant | Belts | Hoses | Pumps | Thermostats

Don’t wait till the summer temps get the best of your fleet and their drivers. Have the cooling system checked to make sure the belts, hoses and coolant are all up to spec and ready for warmer temps. It is also the right time to check the water pump as well as the thermostat for a complete cooling system check. Having the proper coolant is another way to keep your fleet running cool and staying on the road through the summer.

Besides having your truck running cool, you want to make sure the drivers stay cool and comfortable. Having the A.C. system checked is the best way to ensure that your drivers’ comforts are met. We will make sure the compressor and all other A.C. components are functioning properly.

Don’t Wait

Breakdowns can be costly. We are equipped with all the necessary parts and our qualified staff of technicians are ready to give your truck or your entire fleet a cooling and A.C. system check which will help keep your trucks and your drivers cool all summer long. C&M is a full service shop and features a complete truck fabrication department as well. We look forward to serving all your truck service and maintenance needs.

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