Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks

Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks

Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks

New trucks are very hard to come by right now. With the chip shortage and supply chain issues, commercial truck orders continue to be pushed out. The short-term solution, buy used and buy well. Here are some tips for making the most of that purchase.

Buying a Used Commercial Truck

The starting point should be a clear understanding of the important features that truck needs to have.

  • What is the intended job for this truck?
  • What size engine does it need? Will it be transporting large, heavy items?
  • What configuration is needed? Does it need to seat just the driver or have room for additional team members (extended cab)?
  • Will it be transporting temperature sensitive items? Does it need a reefer unit?
  • Does it need any special racking, liftgates, etc.?

The next most important consideration is cost.

  • What can your business afford?
  • Is there a budget?
  • Will you need financing for your purchase?
  • How much of a down payment will you make?
  • What length of financing term will you need to make the payments affordable?

The next question to consider is how urgent the truck purchase is. Once you have decided the level of importance, you can decide how much time you have to shop around.

  • Is this truck essential to your business?
  • Are you behind on deliveries?
  • Is this truck needed for your growth?

Finally, and most importantly, is assurances that what you are buying has been well cared for. A history check on accidents, maintenance, upgrades, etc. will give you a sense of the truck’s overall condition.

A great way to purchase a sound commercial truck is to work with a reputable dealer who can acquire the right truck for you, check out all aspects of the truck, make any necessary repairs, add those important accessories, and support you for the life of the vehicle.

Why C&M Motors

C&M Motors is a locally owned and operated family business serving the greater San Diego area since 1982. With 2 locations to serve you (National City and Vista), we offer a more personalized experience and customized services to meet your business needs. Contact us if you are looking for a used commercial truck. Have all your truck buying details in hand and let us do the leg work. We will make sure you get a great workhorse that will last you for many years.

Give us a call to learn more.

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4 Expectations You Should Have of Your Hino Dealership

4 Expectations You Should Have of Your Hino Dealership

4 Expectations You Should Have of Your Hino Dealership

Purchasing a new or used commercial truck can be challenging. There is a lot to consider, from model and features to price and financing. How you are treated at your local Hino dealership can make the experience less daunting.

Like any good business partnership, when each member has their expectations met, the overall engagement is a positive one. Here are a few expectations that our potential clients often have and how we support them in their decision-making journey.

Questions & Answers

Nearly all prospective clients bring questions to us when they are looking to make additions to their transport fleets. Here are some of the common questions we see at C&M Motors:

  • What is the best model Hino for my business?
  • What features should I consider for fleet efficiency?
  • What are the safety features of this Hino?
  • What incentives are available for the trucks I am considering?
  • What financing options are available for my company?
  • What is the potential resale value of this truck?

To get the most out of your Hino dealership visit, it is important to prepare your questions in advance. In fact, you may want to email a list of your questions/concerns in advance so your dealership can prepare and make the most of your time together.

Spec’ing the Right Truck for Your Business Needs

Buying a truck is really not that hard… once you have chosen the truck to buy. Spec’ing the right truck for the job at hand is the more challenging process, especially if the truck is intended to serve more than one need.

This is the moment where the business owner does most of the talking, describing the jobs that the newly purchased truck is intended to serve. A good dealership will not only listen carefully, but also ask important questions along the way, designed to learn more and probe deeper. The dealer knows that you will be most satisfied with your purchase if the truck that is chosen is a perfect match for the intended workload.

Test Drive

The good news with a Hino test drive, is that most of the Hino trucks within a Model Series will handle and maneuver similarly. That said, not all models and options will be available at all times at your local dealership. So, ask your dealer in advance about what is available to test drive and how representative the current inventory is with respect to your target purchase. Given some advance notice, the dealer may be able to draw on a secondary location or an older model to give you the test drive that best meets your purchase intentions.

Incentives & Financing

California annually offers clean air incentives that may apply to your purchase. C&M Motors is always apprised of the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District Voucher Incentive Programs (VIP). These programs offer buyers incentive to replace older vehicles with newer, low-emission vehicles.

Financing is the other important part of the sale. Your C&M representative will help you determine the best down payment amount and loan term to support a comfortable monthly payment amount.

Why C&M Motors

C&M Motors is a locally owned and operated family business serving the greater San Diego area since 1982. With 2 locations and a highly personalized sales and service experience, our goal is to exceed your expectations for Hino dealership. If you are considering a new Hino, consider a premium Hino dealership that will be your partner in trucking and transport for the life of your trucks and beyond!

Contact us to learn more.


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