Experiencing These Common Truck Problems? It’s Time for Repair

Experiencing These Common Truck Problems? It’s Time for Repair

If you’re experiencing any of the common truck problems listed below, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for repair. Hino truck owners should especially be aware of these issues, as they can cause extensive damage if left untreated. Let’s go over what to look for in a truck repair service, so you can be sure you’re getting the best care for your vehicle, and how to find the best Hino parts if you need them.

The Most Common Truck Problems

It can be extremely annoying when something goes wrong with your truck. Not only is it a pain to deal with, but it can also be quite expensive, and can keep your truck off the road.. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the most common truck problems so you can keep an eye out for them and get them fixed as soon as possible.

One of the most common truck problems is engine trouble. If you notice your truck isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, or you’re having trouble starting it up, this is a sign that something is wrong. Another common issue is transmission problems. If you notice your truck shifting gears abruptly or making strange noises, something needs to be fixed.

Suspension problems are another common issue. This can be tricky to spot, but if you notice your ride isn’t as smooth as it used to be, or you’re starting to feel every bump in the road, it’s time to get your suspension checked out.

Finally, tires and brake issues are also quite common. If you notice your tires are wearing down unevenly or losing air pressure frequently, this is a sign that they need to be replaced or repaired. Brakes are one of, if not the most important safety components of a commercial truck. Keeping them maintained can help reduce failures, accidents, and costly future repairs.

What to Look for in a Truck Repair Service

When you’re looking for a truck repair service, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to make sure the shop is experienced in repairing and servicing Hino trucks.

Hino trucks are built differently than other brands, so it’s important to find a shop that has experience with them. You also want to make sure the shop offers a warranty on their work.

Finally, you want to make sure the shop has Hino parts available. Hino parts are specific to Hino trucks and can be difficult to find at regular auto parts stores.

Shop the Best Hino Parts and Get Your Truck Repaired Faster at C&M Motors!

If you’re in need of Hino parts or truck repair services, C&M Motors is the place to go. We have a team of experienced Hino technicians who are familiar with all Hino models and can get your truck repaired quickly and efficiently. Request a quote today!

Commercial Truck Repair: How to Choose a Reliable Service

Commercial Truck Repair: How to Choose a Reliable Service

If you’re the owner of a commercial truck, then you know that it’s important to find a reliable repair service. When your truck is out of commission, it can mean big losses for your business. That’s why it’s important to do your research before choosing a service. Here are some tips for how to choose a reliable commercial truck repair service.

Check the Services Offered

When you’re looking for a truck repair service, the first thing you should do is inquire about the services they offer. Not all shops will be able to provide the same services. For example, some may specialize in engine repairs while others may not. Make sure that the shop you choose offers the services that you need.

Check if They’re Certified Mechanics

It’s also important to make sure that the mechanics at the truck repair shop are certified. This will give you peace of mind knowing that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to properly fix your truck.

Find a Shop Near You

Another thing to consider is whether or not there’s a shop near you. It’s always more convenient to take your truck to a shop that’s close by. That way, you don’t have to waste time and money on transportation costs.

Ask About Pricing

Always be sure to ask about pricing. This is important because you need to know if the prices are fair and reasonable. You also need to know if there are any hidden costs that you should be aware of.

Ask About Parts

Another thing you should ask about is the parts that they use. It’s important to make sure that they use high-quality parts so that your truck will be fixed properly. You also want to inquire about the warranties for parts.

Check Recommendations and Reviews

Finally, it’s a good idea to check recommendations and reviews before choosing a commercial truck repair service. This way, you can get an idea of what others have thought about the services they’ve received. You can also find out if there are any red flags that you should be aware of.

Choose the Industry Experts at C&M Motors for Your Commercial Truck Repair!

Our certified mechanics have the skills and knowledge necessary to properly handle your commercial truck repair. We have 2 convenient locations to serve you in the greater San Diego area, National City and Vista. We offer a wide range of services, including engine repairs, and we only use high-quality parts.

We understand how important it is for you to get back on the road. Contact us today to get a quote!

Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment

Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment

C&M Motors is excited to announce the arrival of our newest piece of equipment at our Vista location. The Hunter 670HD heavy duty truck wheel alignment machine.

We can now perform multi-axle alignments quickly and more accurately than ever. Hunter’s DSP760T heavy-duty alignment sensors reduce setup time and provide accurate alignment readings.

It sees all six sensors live to measure alignment angles and diagnose tire wear conditions, all designed to get the maximum mileage from you tires and suspension.

If you have a truck that has abnormal tire wear, or was in a minor collision, let C&M make sure the alignment is correct and all the wheels and tires are balanced properly. Both procedures will extend the life of the tires and help reduce wear on the suspension components.  We also offer a complete collision center if the unfortunate larger accident has occurred, and once repairs are completed, we will make sure the alignment is spot on. Our Vista location is easy to reach and is ready to address all your commercial truck repairs. Also make sure to check out our online store for your belts and filters as well as cool custom gear for your Hino truck. We look forward to seeing you soon in Vista or our National City location.

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Transform Your Truck

Transform Your Truck

Custom Truck FabricationThe job of the commercial truck varies by business. When your truck is designed specifically for the job at hand, your truck is more efficient making loading, transport, and delivery quicker and easier. So…transform your truck!

C&M Motors has been helping local San Diego area businesses with the perfect truck design for over 34 years. We offer truck body as well as truck bed fabrication designed to fit your specific job requirements. From minor changes to major structures like doors and walls, our custom fabrication team has the knowledge and experience to tackle the job.

Quality Work and Ingenuity

When it comes to fabrication, there are many ways to tackle the requirements. As such, it is important that the job be handled by trained, experienced technicians. Not only will the job be completed more efficiently, all the possibilities and design issues will be considered and handled with superior craftmanship.

You Dream It – We Design It

We take your vision to reality. From simple customizations like kick plates, liftgates, and shelving to specialty doors, stake beds, or refrigerated units, we have the experience and the talent to take your need and make it happen. Your business deserves a truck that is truly an asset to your business and your employees. Your transformed truck is just a phone call away!

Why C&M Motors

C&M Motors is a locally owned and operated family business serving the greater San Diego area since 1982. With 2 locations to serve you (National City and Vista), we offer a more personalized experience and customized services to meet your business needs. Sales, service, rentals, maintenance, collision, fabrication, parts, and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance are all available at C&M Motors.

Give us a call to get started on your new fleet efficiencies!


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Custom Truck Fabrication at C&M Motors

Custom Truck Fabrication at C&M Motors

Design and Fabrication

C&M Motors has been helping local businesses create the perfect truck design for over 34 years. We provide custom truck body fabrication as well as truck bed fabrication, and fabricated parts all designed to fit your specific requirements. From refrigerated food trucks to custom trailers, no fabrication job is too large or complicated. Whether its custom shelves for your food truck, or a custom bed for hauling, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. When your truck is designed to suit your business needs, the job will be completed more effectively and efficiently – ultimately saving you money over time.

Used Trucks Re-imagined

If you have a used truck that needs to be re-purposed, our fabrication department can design and build the body and all the components needed to transform your truck into a valuable asset for your company. We offer a wide range of truck body fabrication services for a variety of trucks, from stake beds, dump bodies, reefer trucks, dry vans, trailers, beaver tails and more. If you can dream it up, we can build it.

Custom Accessories

Once your truck has been modified, we have a full range of custom accessories available to help make your truck shine.

Exterior Accessories include:

• Bumpers
• Sun Visors
• Battery Covers
• Fog Lamps
• Air Deflectors
• Battery Locks
• Chrome Trim
• Window Visors

Wheel Accessories include:

• Hub cover kits
• Wheel simulators

Interior Accessories include:

• Floor mats
• Seats
• Seat belts
• Seat covers
• Tactical seat covers
• Audio/Audio systems

Give us a call

When you’re ready or have any questions about our fabrication department, feel free to contact us and let our staff help turn good truck into a great truck. We also have a complete truck body shop prepared to make small and major repairs, including frame straightening and paint work.


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