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We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We have designed the new site to have a modern, clean look that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Our goal as always is to provide a great experience in all departments. Sales | Full Service Leasing | Rentals | Service and Maintenance as well as our website. We welcome you to the new site and look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us with any suggestions or comments.

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What Truck Sizes are Available for Lease from C&M Motors?

Having choices of truck sizes and configurations can make the leasing process for you and your fleet manager easier.

C&M Motors has the capacity to furnish and outfit a wide variety of trucks tailored to fit the specific requirements of your transportation needs.

Here are some of the body types available:
• Light and Medium Duty trucks
• Flat beds
• Bobtails
• Dump bodies
• Tow bodies
• Dry van bodies
• Refrigerator trucks
• Box trucks

When considering the size of commercial truck necessary for your business, the experienced staff at C&M can help you make the right decision.
We stock a wide selection of truck sizes, and capacities for lease including the Hino 155 Series with a GVW of 19,500, the Hino 195 Series which carries a GVW of 19,500, the 238 series has a 23,000 GVW, and the brand-new XL Heavy Duty series (available later in 2019) carrying a GVW of 62,000. Dry bed truck sizes range from 16 to 26 feet.

Our fabrication department can create custom additions to any selection you make. We can design and customize your truck to fit the specific transportation needs of your company.
Let us help you in the decision-making process so you end up with a truck that is best suited for it’s hauling requirements. Give us a call and see what truck size and full-service leasing program makes the best sense for you and your business.

C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!
(800) 736-3443

Commercial Truck Rentals to Handle the Holiday Rush

happy-holidays-commercial-truck-rentals-to-handle-the-holiday-rushThe holidays are a busy time for most companies and the extra deliveries can put a strain on your already busy truck fleet. From food and flower deliveries to gifts and furnishings, the ability to deliver is critical in satisfying the shopper. C&M Motors has your extra transportation needs covered with commercial truck rentals ready to handle your holiday deliveries.

We have box trucks (both dry vans and refrigeration trucks), flat beds, bobtails, and dump bodies. We offer a variety of sizes in light and medium duty truck.

C&M Motors is a member of NationaLease, which offers nationwide service and roadside assistance. In addition to our leasing programs, we also offer short term commercial truck rentals, especially during the holidays to give our customer the extra capacity to deliver their products.

If you need a commercial truck rental this Christmas Holiday or in the future (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.), we are here to help. Contact us for more information.

Outstanding Customer Service

At C&M Motors, we take pride in providing the best customer service. We are responsive and attentive to detail and our customers really enjoy working with us. If you have some additional transportation needs this holiday, give us a call. We will work with you to get your products on the road and delivered!


Happy Holidays from

C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!


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When Every Part Matters – Genuine Nissan UD and Hino Accessories


C&M Motors is your San Diego source for genuine UD and Hino accessories and parts. In addition to a well-stocked parts department, they offer a full selection of Chrome Packages, Alcoa Wheels, Floor Mats, Seat Covers, and more.

And, speaking of accessories, have you seen the whole new category of Hino truck accessory called “Hino Style”. Hino Stainless Steel Trim makes a good-looking truck into a great looking truck! The addition of stainless steel trim makes your Hino truck stand out from the crowd.

Hino Style and Hino Quality

All trim pieces in the new Hino Style accessory line (including sun visors, fuel tank/battery box covers and hood deflectors) are made from premium quality highly polished 304 grade stainless steel with noncorrosive and non-magnetic properties. Hino offers steps made from highly polished 430 grade stainless steel, that will endure the constant use associated with commercial truck transportation.

All Hino adhesive trim accessories use a double sided heavy duty 3M adhesive tape to create an ultra-strong bond with painted surfaces. Simple installation instructions are included with each item. For some of the major components, like sun visors, steps, hood deflector, and bumper drop bars, it is recommended that installation be completed by an experienced professional utilizing the proper tools and techniques (such as your local C&M Motors Service Center).

UD Accessories and Parts

All UD Nissan accessories and parts are custom-fitted, custom-designed, and durability-tested for your Nissan UD truck. Insist on Genuine UD Truck Parts and Accessories UD Trucks North America is commitment is to provide the highest quality parts and accessories for your commercial truck needs.

UD and Hino Accessories & Parts are available at both C&M Motors locations for your convenience.

National City   Telephone: 619-474-8971

Vista                 Telephone: 760-940-1406

We gladly ship anywhere.  Next Day Service available to most locations.

If you would like to order UD and Hino Accessories and Parts, call C&M Motors Parts Department. We have the right part at the right price.


C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!


Medium Duty Trucks – Box Trucks, Dry Vans, and Reefer Trucks

medium-duty-trucksTruck classifications are typically based upon the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Trucks are classified by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which groups classes 1–3 as light duty, 4–6 as medium duty, and 7–8 as heavy duty.

Medium Duty Trucks

 Medium duty trucks are defined as weighing between 14001–26000 pounds. There are 3 classes of medium duty truck.

  • Class 4 trucks have gross vehicle weight rating ranges from 14001–16000 lbs.
  • Class 5 trucks have gross vehicle weight rating ranges from 16001–19500 lbs.
  • Class 6 trucks have gross vehicle weight rating ranges from 19501–26000 lbs.

Some trucks listed as medium duty also are known as:

  • Box Trucks
  • Dry Vans
  • Refrigeration Trucks

A Box Truck is a truck with a box-shaped cargo area. The medium duty box truck usually ranges in size from 14 to 26 feet in length. They typically have a rolls-up door in the rear for loading cargo and on some box trucks, the cargo area is accessible from the cab through a small door.

A Dry Van is a type of Box truck. The Dry Van is the most common type of freight transportation in the US. Dry Vans, or enclosed box trucks, look like box on wheels with doors in the back. They have no temperature control and are designed to carry pallets or boxes of cargo, furniture, and any type of equipment. Dry vans are versatile and are typically used for moving non-perishable foods and beverages, textile and clothing items, plastic and building products. Dry Van cargo is protected from bad weather, theft, and most damage when secured properly.

A Refrigeration Truck (or Reefer Truck) is another example of a Box Truck. While a Dry Van is generally used by companies that need to haul appliances, furniture, and equipment, a Reefer Truck carries perishable goods like fresh or frozen produce.

All of these medium duty trucks can be found at your local full-service truck dealership, C&M Motors, NationaLease of San Diego.

If you would like to learn more about Medium Duty trucks, Fleet trucks, Leasing, Sales or Rental, call family-owned and operated, C&M Motors online or by phone (800) 736-3443.



C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!


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