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While most businesses focus on reducing costs and increasing profits, let’s take a little closer look at the challenges faced by business owners running a small fleet of commercial vehicles.

Reducing Costs

For those business owners, reducing costs can be tackled several ways. Costs can arise from rising fuel costs, fines due to lack of compliance with Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and accidents. Fleet scheduling efficiencies which include right sizing your fleet to meet the demands of your clients is a way to avoid some of these costs.

Fuel Costs

Fuel cost began a fairly sharp rise in around 2004, where the average price of fuel was just over $1.50 per gallon. That climb topped in the summer of 2008 where fuel was over $4.10 per gallon. By the end of 2009, the fuel prices dropped back to just over $1.70 per gallon where they began yet another climb to nearly $4.00 per gallon again. In the past couple years, prices have fluctuated from $2 to $3 per gallon on average, nationwide, all formulations of retail gasoline and diesel.

Planning for those prices changes is a challenge and the costs vary depending upon the number of commercial trucks in your fleet. The good news is that powerful, electric technology is helping to minimize and/or eliminate the need for diesel powered trucks.

That’s why C&M Motors has partnered with SEA Electric to help you overcome the unpredictable costs of fuel. These exciting new electric trucks will deliver power and efficiency, and even help reduce maintenance costs. Overall, the cost of ownership is well worth the investment.


Accidents involving your fleet drivers can be a huge expense to your business. These expenses come not just from the costs of truck repair, but also in loss of productivity, damage and worker comp claims, insurance increases, and potential lawsuits. Equipping your fleet with the latest safety equipment such as automatic braking, backup cameras, and telematics are a great way to reduce these risks.

Right Sizing and Maintaining Your Fleet Vehicles

Another way to keep costs in line is through good fleet management and having a fleet that keeps your committed deliveries on time without having too many idle vehicles. Another important aspect is vehicle maintenance. When your fleet is well-maintained, there are less unexpected failures and the need for extra trucks is minimized. Having a good partner for fleet maintenance can help you run a profitable operation. C&M Motors offers HinoCare, a planned maintenance program to help you stay on schedule and on budget.

Why C&M Motors

C&M Motors is a locally owned and operated family business serving the greater San Diego area since 1982. With 2 locations to serve you (National City and Vista), we offer a more personalized experience and customized services to meet your business needs. Sales, service, rentals, maintenance, collision, fabrication, parts, and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance are all available at C&M Motors.

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