Getting the Most from your Truck Fleet – A Necessity with Today’s Shortages

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Getting the Most from your Truck Fleet – A Necessity with Today’s Shortages

Chip shortages, supply chain issues, and bottlenecks at ports have left small businesses and municipalities competing over scarce supply of commercial vehicles as businesses rebound from the pandemic.

As demands on transportation heat up for the holidays, the shortage of new trucks poses huge challenges on businesses to get their products to market. The chip shortage has contributed significantly to a reduced number of available new trucks, parts are challenging to acquire on short order, and yet the demand for transporting goods continues to increase.

How Can Businesses Overcome these Issues?

The best way to serve the growing transportation need is by utilizing your current assets to their fullest. Good fleet management software can help provide shortest routes, avoid traffic or construction, help find parking, and track the driver allowing the fleet manager to make the most of every truck. Another great way to get the most of your existing fleet is with predictive maintenance. Given that some replacement parts are challenging to get, it is best to keep your trucks well-maintained. Don’t wait for that part to be completely worn. Get a jump on ordering its replacement and getting it installed. Nothing is worse for the productivity of your fleet than to have a truck broken down on the side of the road.

C&M Motors – Your Trusted Commercial Truck Dealership

At C&M Motors, we are here to help you with all your truck needs. Our parts department will help you find that needed part. Our fabrication team will help you customize that truck, so it works efficiently for you. Our maintenance team will help you keep your truck running so you can keep up with customer demands. Our sales and service teams are working hard to bring you quality used trucks that have been thoroughly checked and ready for active duty. We also offer 24×7 roadside assistance to help you when disaster strikes. We will get you back in the driver’s seat as quickly as possible.

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