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full service leasingWhen you think of full service, what does that mean in terms of truck leasing? C&M Motors has the trucks, staff, service department, and most of all, experience to make your truck leasing program truly full service.

With NationaLease of San Diego, full service leasing, we eliminate the headache of maintaining your vehicles. We include preventive maintenance, emergency roadside service, safety programs, permitting, licensing, vehicle washing, substitute vehicles, and more.

We offer menu driven pricing options for a variety of choices, so you can tailor a leasing program to fit your business.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the NationaLease program at C&M Motors:

  • No down payment
  • 100% deductible payments
  • Improved cash flow management due to predictable transportation costs billed in one convenient monthly invoice
  • Improved fuel and equipment efficiency
  • 7,000 factory-trained technicians at your disposal
  • Increased driver safety
  • DOT, state or fuel audits, fleet logistics, staff management and safety programs, preventive maintenance, or emergency road service
  • We take care of your permitting and licensing, and even wash your trucks

We’ll also handle your fleet logistics, staff management, preventive maintenance, emergency road service, safety programs, permitting and licensing, vehicle washing, substitute vehicles, fuel tax issues, and more.

Let the qualified staff at C&M help make 2018 a more worry free, and profitable year for you and your business by exploring all the full-service leasing options  we have available.

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