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Zanotti RefrigerationC&M Motors is excited to be representing Zanotti Transport Refrigeration. This is a sneak peek into our newest supplier, and we are looking forward to offering their quality products to compliment our line of reefer trucks.

Introduction to Zanotti

ZANOTTI was founded as a family-owned company in 1962. From the very beginning the group has developed its potential as a leader in the field of refrigeration, by introducing new and revolutionary solutions such as, the so-called ‘uniblock’ –a completely self-contained and ready-to-use cooling device for small environments. The company soon began to specialize in the production of domestic and non-domestic refrigeration devices for food preservation, and its refrigerating systems became bigger and bigger to meet the increasing demand of industries. During the 1990s, this trend led to the creation of big multi-compressor plants to meet the needs of large-scale retail trade. In the same period, Zanotti also introduced a new line of products for food transportation –the so-called ‘transblock’.   In the past seven years, the Italian company has seen enormous growth. Today it employs 650 people in eight plants located all around the world. Many things have changed since 2002 when a new management team took over the company.

Transport Refrigeration

Zanotti entered in this business in end of the 1990s, challenging the more than dominant position of the established market leaders.  The refrigerating units are used in urban, rural and international transportation of fresh and frozen food. The product range includes about 30 models, including battery operated units for small delivery vehicles, direct drive units for Vans and medium trucks, diesel units for medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers; front and under-carriage mounted. The main production site is in North Italy, where annual production capacity could reach 10,000 units per year.

New legislation governing the storage and transport of fresh and frozen foods has meant a big increase in the demand for refrigerated vehicles. This demand is not only for more vehicles, but also for a greater range of types and sizes to suit a host of new applications. C&M Motors is equipped to meet the demand for different applications. Our custom fabrication department can tailor your truck to a specific request.

We would love to answer any questions you have about our new line of Zanotti products and how they can benefit your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is looking forward to hearing from you and we will keep you updated as this relationship with our latest supplier continues.

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