The Cold Facts About Refrigerated Trucks

The Cold Facts About Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are hot commodities that never lose their appeal. Adding a reefer truck to your fleet expands your capabilities and can put you miles ahead of the competition. From fresh food to flowers, a refrigerated truck gives you the freedom and flexibility to deliver quality products to customers who are minutes down the road or many hours away.

Reefer trucks come in a broad range of styles and sizes. You can configure your vehicle to deliver fresh meat, produce, dairy goods, etc. It’s even possible to select a vehicle ideally suited for your typical delivery area. For example, the size and steering characteristics of the 2021 M and L Series provides superior maneuverability. This makes these vehicles perfectly suited for operating as delivery trucks in urban environments. Moreover, the range of body styles, interior racks, and refrigeration units available allow you to customize your refrigerated truck for ease of access, cooling capacity, cargo capacity, and the delivery range best suited for your operations.

The bottom line is that adding a refrigerated truck to your fleet allows you to increase your delivery schedule, expand your service area, and helps ensure that the perishable products you transport won’t be rejected or returned due to spoilage. Thus, adding a refrigerated truck to your fleet generates considerable savings that add up quickly. This makes a new reefer truck a cost-effective investment that will pay for itself. In fact, it is not uncommon for clients to purchase one truck, and then return in the not too distant future to purchase additional refrigerated vehicles as business plans are realized, and operational needs expand.

Finally, don’t forget that CARB compliance looms over the not too distant horizon. Adding a new refrigerated truck to your fleet can give you an edge on the competition. Purchasing a refrigerated truck in the coming months can make your business more efficient and more profitable as the demand for pre-prepared foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats is certain to remain strong.

We’re happy to help you select a refrigerated truck that meets your needs for:

  • Cargo Capacity
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Purchase Price

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2020 CARB regulations will be taking many trucks off the road by end of year. Are you ready? We can help!

Reefer Trucks Available for Rent

 Reefer Truck RentalsC&M Motors has several Hino reefer trucks available for immediate rental. We can configure a truck that conforms to your business delivery needs.

These trucks are Hino 268 models with a 26,000 GVW rating and have box sizes of 24 ft. – 26 ft. The Hino 268 has earned the reputation of providing solid, reliable service. The outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability  make the 268 the ideal truck for pick-up and delivery of temperature sensitive cargo. With 230 hp and 520 lb-ft or torque and the trusted Allison transmission, the 268 provides a reliable, powerful drive train to get you and your cargo wherever it needs to go.


Interior amenities are plentiful as well. The driver can deliver in comfort and safety with features like:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Tilt and telescoping steering wheel
  • Cruise control
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Backup alarm

Give us a call and ask about all the available reefer trucks we have in stock and let our rental staff find the right one for your application. And don’t forget, C&M Motors can add extra equipment to make the job even more efficient. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you all the reefer trucks we have in stock for immediate rental.  And don’t forget to ask about all of our custom tailored leasing programs.


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