Hino “Ultimate Confidence” Initiative

Hino “Ultimate Confidence” Initiative

90-Day Extension on HinoCare

Hino has a great reputation for exceptional quality, durability, and reliability…and it just got better! The HinoCare preventative maintenance program which began in 2013, and was extended to the conventional lineup in 2015, offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the medium-duty truck industry.

HinoCare is a complimentary planned maintenance program that helps customers stay on schedule and on budget with preventative services. The current program which is 2 years (60,000 miles) of complimentary services helps owners better plan their vehicle costs knowing that operational costs are fixed. Controlling vehicle maintenance costs is a real challenge, especially in today’s business environment. Fleet managers and business owners really appreciate the peace of mind that HinoCare bring them.

This extension will help provide the confidence and purchasing power to update and maintain your commercial truck fleet.

Find Your “Ultimate Confidence” at C&M Motors

As a long-term and trusted Hino dealer, C&M Motors is excited about all the benefits that this new program will offer to its clients. We look forward to answering any questions about the program and helping you decide what’s best for your business.

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