Hino Renames Their Line-up for 2021 Models… Part 1

Hino is simplifying the designations for it’s 2021 models. Here is the part one of a three part article on the new models names and features.

The New Hino M, L, and XL Series

Hino Motors Manufacturing USA Inc. continues to expand its wings by investing in upgrading their trucks and building new plants in a bid to grow markets. Their latest investment is the one million square foot truck manufacturing plant in West Virginia, worth $140 million opened on August 21. The new manufacturing plant is one among many that will assemble the company’s latest Hino M, L, and XL commercial truck series, for 2021 model year unveiled on October 28.

The new truck series have spacious cab configurations and a wide array of features, including new safety features, connectivity options, and updated designs. This is in a bid to create a cohesive family of commercial trucks tailored for your needs. Read on to find out the latest features and functionality that the new Hino M, L, and XL truck series brings to the table.

  1. M Series

The Hino M series commercial trucks replace the old Hino 155, 195, and 195h models with M4, M5, and M5h. The truck’s exterior has been updated with bold chrome grille and fresh headlight design made up of LED daytime lights as well as low and high beam headlights. They also have sport OEM-integrated lane departure warning system to improve driver’s safety.

On the interior, the M series trucks are fitted with standard, and 4.2-inch LCD multi-information display controls steering wheel features, to enhance hands-free calling and cruise control. Besides, all models have a driver seatbelt status monitoring system for safety. Under its hood, the truck features a HD 6-speed Aisin automatic transmission and gear hold functionality to operate during inclines.

In part two, we will cover the newly named “L Series” and all the features it will be offering. Contact us if you have any questions about the upcoming changes or any truck leasing or rental questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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