Hino Insight Telematics


Hino Telematics

Hino Insight Telematics is a fully integrated on-board vehicle platform connecting Hino, the owner, and the dealer. Real time information is provided on vehicle health, driver performance, vehicle location, vehicle efficiency, and more. In addition to the real-time information, the Insight Telematics platform provides custom reporting and alerts that keep everyone up-to-date.

Real-time reports also share DTC codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) to Hino, owner, and dealer and determines the severity of the condition and provides steps to service. Case Management provides a history of Diagnostics, Work Ordered, and the Repair Status.

These insights deliver savings across the board for fleet owners:

  • Up to 25% decrease in fuel costs
  • Up to 30% reduction in idle time
  • 10% drop in daily mileage
  • Up to 20% increase in fleet utilization
  • 15% boost in workforce productivity
  • 15% reduction in overtime

Hino Insight Telematics reduces the chances of major problems on the road by alerting on often overlooked problems, providing analysis, assessing severity, and providing best steps for resolution.

Keep your commercial truck fleet running effectively with Hino Insight Telematics. Visit C&M Motors, Full Service Leasing (NationaLease of San Diego), for more information on Hino and Insight Telematics.

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