Simple Fleet Maintenance Steps to Prepare for Fall

Simple Fleet Maintenance Steps to Prepare for Fall

Summer is ending, and fall is right around the corner. Before the leaves start to turn, make sure your fleet is ready to roll through the changing weather. The sooner you perform the following truck fleet maintenance tasks, the sooner your fleet will be prepared to tackle the cooler weather, rain, and general vehicle wear that can the performance and reliability of your commercial truck fleet. Here are a few steps that will help you prepare for winter and 2021.

1. Perform a Visual Inspection

Give your vehicles a thorough visual inspection. Look for uneven wear on tires, leaky seals, damaged lights, worn windshield wipers, broken mirrors, etc. Replace any damaged components and do a more thorough inspection of any leaks you discover.

2. Give the Engine a Tune-Up

Tuning up your engine is essential truck fleet maintenance that ensures the engine performs as required regardless of the weather outside. It also helps improve engine efficiency, which makes it a cost-effective investment that will pay for itself over the months ahead.

3. Check the Emergency Gear

All commercial motor vehicles should be equipped with a cold-weather survival kit. At a minimum, your kit should contain snow brushes, shovel, flashlight, jumper cables, salt, road flares, and a First Aid kit. It’s also a good idea to make sure it has a radio, batteries, warm clothing, and water. Further, make sure that the truck has a set of chains and that the driver knows how to use them properly.

Don’t Forget the CARB’s!

While your drivers are no doubt thinking ahead towards the holidays and all the carbs on the table, don’t forget the CARB regulations you need to follow for your business. All commercial motor vehicles with a GVWR 26,000 lbs or greater must be CARB compliant starting in 2021. At a minimum, these vehicles must meet the 2010 model year equivalent standards.

If a vehicle is not CARB compliant, the DMV won’t allow you to register the vehicle until it meets CARB standards. In most cases, it is easier and far less expensive to apply those funds towards the lease or purchase of a new truck rather than trying to upgrade an older vehicle.

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2020 CARB regulations will be taking many trucks off the road by end of year. Are you ready? We can help!

Fleet Maintenance Plan for 2018

Fleet Maintenance

Start 2018 with a Fleet Maintenance Plan

Perhaps you had not thought of a commercial truck fleet maintenance plan as a new year’s resolution, but it would be a great way to start off 2018. A comprehensive maintenance plan by C&M Motors can save your company money by keeping your fleet on the road, eliminating the management aspect, and gaining the peace of mind that your fleet is well managed and serviced.

Fleet Maintenance

Comprehensive fleet maintenance starts with service on a regular and plannedbasis. Imagine not having to worry about things like:

  • Filter changes
  • Fluid changes
  • Brake inspections
  • Safety measures
  • Tires

These are just a few of the areas that a planned maintenance program can address. Maintaining your vehicles on regular and planned intervals reduces the chance of breakdowns. C&M offers a range of service from maintenance contract plans to 24/7 emergency service.

Pick-Up & Delivery

C&M offers convenient pick-up and delivery of your vehicle and shuttle transportation to bring employees back to their location.

Maintenance Tracking

We provide maintenance tracking and will notify you when your vehicle is due for service as well as tracking recommendations that need to be addressed at a later time.

Let our qualified staff help you decide which plan makes the most sense for you and your business. We can tailor a maintenance plan to work with your business model to keep your vehicles running, and making you more money in the following months. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you make 2018 a profitable year. Contact us and ask about all available programs we have to offer.


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