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Hino trucks are well known for their excellent quality and reliability, with superlative customer satisfaction ratings, making them a popular option in box trucks around the world.  However, not every Hino truck is right for every job.  Doing careful thought and research before buying Hino box trucks for sale will help ensure you see maximum returns on your investment.

C&M Motors has been operating since 1982, and we’ve seen a lot of mistakes happen frequently.  Avoid these missteps to make the best purchase!

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Hino Box Trucks

1 – Trying to make a ‘one size fits all’ purchase

You’ll rarely make a good purchase if you try to find a truck that can do “everything” because it won’t be well-suited to any particular job.  Over-sized trucks will waste money, while under-sized trucks will be over-used and also at risk of exceeding weight limits.

You’ll do much better by thinking about usage cases and buying trucks to fit specific needs, rather than trying to get a jack-of-all-trades.

2 – Choosing an underweight chassis

It’s tempting to choose a lightweight truck since that lowers aggregate weight and theoretically allows for more cargo.  However, this can easily lead to situations where the total cargo weight exceeds what is allowable for the chassis.  Thought must be given not just to how much space will be needed, but how heavy the cargo will be.

3 – Mismatched chassis and box lengths

Too often, we see trucks where the chassis wasn’t long enough for the box attached to it, leading to poor weight distribution across the length.  Typically, this means extra weight on the rear wheels and less on the front.  This can cause significant tire wear, or in worst cases, break per-axle weight regulations.

4 – The box is too high

It’s easy to overlook height when purchasing a box truck – until you get it back to the warehouse and discover it’s too tall for your dock.  Always know the measurements of your facilities and be certain the truck will fit.

5 – Improper lighting

Will your truck be mostly driven at night, or during the day?  If it’s going to be making nighttime runs, be sure to invest in extra lighting inside and out.  On the other hand, if it’s going to only operate during the day, your lighting requirements will be less – and a sunroof could lower them further.

C&M Motors wants to see you pick the perfect Hino box trucks for sale!  Click here to contact us if you have questions.

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