Successfully Outsourcing your Fleet Maintenance

Fleets owners faced with maintenance of their trucks struggle with the costs and schedule of regular maintenance. Outsourcing your maintenance is the best way for companies to manage those costs while keeping their fleet on the road safely and reliably. In addition, outsourcing is the best way to stay focused on your core business, while leaving the responsibility of non-core tasks, like truck maintenance and repair, to the experts.

As you survey your costs for transportation, hiring qualified drivers/delivery people is challenging enough. Add to that the cost of hiring and train certified technicians to maintain, repair, and inspect your fleet and your transportation costs skyrocket. It makes far better sense to outsource the fleet maintenance to a qualified third party provider. With fluctuations in economic climate and in business growth, an outsourced plan helps business owners better manage and predict transportation costs over time.

There are many way to outsource your fleet maintenance, from partial contracting for specialized areas, like refrigeration maintenance, to full service leasing where equipment is leased and maintenance is part of the contract. Most fleet managers are moving in the direction of outsourcing more of their service work and finding the reduction of cost and headaches well worth the move.

If you would like more information on fleet maintenance options or you are looking for a reliable business partner to help you manage your fleet maintenance and repair needs, look no further. C&M Motors, NationaLease of San Diego, has been a trusted partner to local businesses since 1982. C&M Motors will help you identify the type of service plan that is best for you. Their customer service will keep you constantly informed, and their highly trained technicians will keep your fleet moving.

With the ups and downs of the business and the economy, companies are constantly looking for ways to not only save money, but also to make the most productive use of their resources. Let C&M Motors show you the way.

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