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Hino isn’t the biggest name in trucking, but ask someone who’s had a Hino for long, and they’ll tell you there’s something special about it. Hino trucks are surprisingly well-engineered and designed specifically for long-lasting usage with as little maintenance as possible. This has positioned them as a ‘fan favorite’ truck, and one that’s attracting new drivers every year.

Of course, if you ever have trouble with your Hino truck, your local Hino truck dealer in San Diego can fix you up. But when you’re driving a Hino, this probably won’t happen often. Here are a few important facts and figures about Hino repairs and reliability.

What You Should Know About Hino Truck Reliability

  1. Average Lifespan

Hino trucks are rated for approximately 250,000-300,000mi (400,000-500,000km) before any major issues could be expected to occur, such as needing an engine replacement. However, this is dependent on basic maintenance being performed, such as fluid changes and regular checkups. When treated well, a Hino truck could even exceed those averages, making them a truly excellent value.

  1. Warranties

Hino offers warranties comparable to other truck OEMs. The stock warranty on a Hino is 36 months (3 years) with no limits on mileage during that period. The warranty covers most of the parts on the truck, except those ‘expected’ to wear out such as tires, as well as covering flaws in material or workmanship. Extended or more detailed warranties are also available as options, should you want more protection on your purchase.

  1. Recalls

Hino has conducted surprisingly few recalls, compared to industry standard, and when a recall happens it typically does not affect too many drivers. For example, the biggest recall in recent memory was back in 2020, and only affected around 8,000 trucks. This is a great example of how well-built and solid Hino trucks are. Maintenance issues are truly rare.

  1. Long-term TCO

Alongside their exemplary engineering, Hino also emphasizes fuel efficiency in its designs. This adds up to a lower total cost of ownership over the long term, with fewer repairs and less gas used while it’s on the road. This is just another reason that more and more drivers are choosing Hino – now ranked #3 in customer satisfaction by JD Power and climbing!

All these factors combine to make Hino trucks an excellent choice for both owner-operators, as well as larger operations looking to expand their fleet… and they’re available right now at C&M Motors! C&M Motors is San Diego’s premiere Hino truck dealer, proudly family owned, and serving the area since 1982. Whether you’re looking to buy new or used, we have a huge selection to choose from!

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