Truck Parts Online

truck parts online

C&M Motors is proud to announce the expansion of its truck parts online store. The store began with necessities for truck maintenance such as

  • Oil Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Service Kits (combo oil, fuel, and air filters)

Now the online store offers

  • Fan Belts
  • Used Parts

The goal is to provide Hino Truck parts to our valued customers and to commercial truck owners in rural areas, offering them the convenience of shopping online. C&M Motors offers excellent online pricing. Visit our online store today. If the part you are looking for is not found on our online store contact a knowledgeable C&M Motors parts representative today.  Our team will locate the part for you in our expansive inventory or sourced directly from the manufacturer to get you the part you need promptly.

C&M Motors, NationaLease of San Diego, for all your commercial truck needs.

C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!

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Commercial Truck Fleet Management

Commercial Truck Fleet Management

Owning a commercial truck fleet to support your business is a major expense that requires cautious growth and expense control management. Vehicle acquisition costs have been on the rise as a result of government safety mandates and fuel economy initiatives. Fuel costs can also be variable enough to make budgeting tricky.

Another common concern is safety for both the driver and the vehicle. A damaged driver or vehicle can be a real challenge for a small company. In the connected world, it is extremely difficult to keep drivers focused safely on the road. Distracted driving raises the accident rate and is a real concern for many companies. Implementing a company policy on mobile phone use while driving is difficult as drivers spend so much time behind the wheel.

C&M Motors, NationaLease of San Diego, has a few suggestions for your Fleet Management. First, consider a Full-Service Lease as opposed to purchasing your fleet. There are many benefits to leasing and many headaches that can be avoided.

Second, Hino Trucks offers the premier, industry-best engine warranty.  All Hino Conventional and Cab-over trucks are covered for 3 years unlimited mileage on the base warranty. Conventional models come standard with 5 years, 250,000 mileage extended warranty coverage. Cab-overs come standard with 5 years, 200,000 mileage extended warranty coverage.

Third, Hino now offers a 2-year or 60,000 mile preventive service care program for the 195 diesel model called HinoCare. All 2013MY through 2015MY 195 and 195 double cabs are eligible. free of charge!

And lastly, HinoWatch Roadside Assistance has you back! For the first three years of ownership regardless of mileage, HinoWatch is there to ensure you are protected night and day, year round – with roadside assistance for your Hino Truck anywhere throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact C&M Motors for details.

C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!

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Hino Insight Telematics


Hino Telematics

Hino Insight Telematics is a fully integrated on-board vehicle platform connecting Hino, the owner, and the dealer. Real time information is provided on vehicle health, driver performance, vehicle location, vehicle efficiency, and more. In addition to the real-time information, the Insight Telematics platform provides custom reporting and alerts that keep everyone up-to-date.

Real-time reports also share DTC codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) to Hino, owner, and dealer and determines the severity of the condition and provides steps to service. Case Management provides a history of Diagnostics, Work Ordered, and the Repair Status.

These insights deliver savings across the board for fleet owners:

  • Up to 25% decrease in fuel costs
  • Up to 30% reduction in idle time
  • 10% drop in daily mileage
  • Up to 20% increase in fleet utilization
  • 15% boost in workforce productivity
  • 15% reduction in overtime

Hino Insight Telematics reduces the chances of major problems on the road by alerting on often overlooked problems, providing analysis, assessing severity, and providing best steps for resolution.

Keep your commercial truck fleet running effectively with Hino Insight Telematics. Visit C&M Motors, Full Service Leasing (NationaLease of San Diego), for more information on Hino and Insight Telematics.

C&M Motors – San Diego’s premiere Hino dealership!

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